Dean’s Henleys 

➥ Live Free or Twihard // 6x05

Our parents were like children and we both grew into kind of bad versions of ourselves way too fast.

Logan Lerman for Flaunt magazine (2014).

Logan Lerman for Flaunt magazine (2014).

Y o u  h e s i t a t e, and that hesitation could kill you. You have to keep telling yourself that they aren’t the same people you knew.


oh my god Stephen is auctioning off the scripts for 2x01 - 2x09 I wish I was rich damn



if gaga ever did that ice water challenge thing i’d want her to make it the sexiest video of the kind ever. like she should call steven klein to shoot the water falling on her naked body in slow motion while the sickest remix of sexxx dreams plays. different camera angles. wet hair game strong. even some ice on mouth teasing. the sexiest ice water challenge video ever to shame everyone who tries to do it next. 




Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger leurs-même.